Glide POS

Point Of Sale

Glide POS is an integrated and centralized point of sale system which provides all of the functions needed such as billing, loyalty, inventory control and reporting to manage your retail business efficiently. Use of smart architecture combined with hardware independence and industry standard compliance give you a truly dynamic point of sale.
The user friendly interface provides immediate access to all the necessary POS functions, with optional touch screen control. The Glide POS point of sale is fully integrated with Glide ERP system, electronic payment and mobile devices, with hardware scalability to ensure cost efficiency for both small and large retail sites.

Proven and Comprehensive Benefits by Streamlining Your Retail Operations

Stay competitive And Drive Growth

Glide POS is an integrated point of sale solution built to meet the long-term needs of your retail business. It provides a true and unified view of your retail operations across payment, inventory, CRM and loyalty. Simple to use yet powerful, Glide POS arming you with the critical, up-to-the-minute information you need to make smart business decisions.

A Comprehensive Retail Management Solution

Glide POS is seamlessly integrated with Glide ERP and easily adapt to your critical business functions, runs on multiple platforms and supports cluster installation for large implementation. You have the flexibility to roll out Glide POS as you grow based on your current business needs, and add additional terminals and new functionalities as your requirements change.

Access to Precise, Up-to-the-Minute Retail Information

Quickly access accurate, relevant, and complete daily retail sales information from your desk with:

An easy-to-use POS interface that allows you to get answers fast and work more efficiently and proactively.
Unique features that instantly places information and transactions in understandable formats and lets you drill down into the information to answer questions and perform analyses.

An Affordable, Easy-to-Roll Out POS Solution

Accelerated implementation time to ensure that you quickly realize the full benefits of G.POS through such features as:

An intuitive user interface and a Microsoft Windows environment to significantly reduce the learning curve.
A simple, single-server architecture that runs the entire G.POS application.
Simplified administration capabilities that streamline operation and maintenance and significantly lower ongoing costs.

PC-based supports multiple environments
Multi-lingual user interface
Touchscreen, keyboard or combination
Compatible with all peripheral devices
Multiple mode of payment such as cash and credit card
Voucher Management
Loyalty Program
Online Access, Connect from Anywhere to monitor sales
Fully integrated with Accounts and Inventory
Real time stock update to different POS terminals
Price list for each outlet
Real time stock monitoring
Discount rules for each outlet
Offline operation
POS Reporting
Sales Analysis
Stock Ageing
Integrated with back-end


Glide POS Features

Multi Store

GLIDE POS easy-to-configure and simple-to-maintain multi-store point of sale system functionality allows retailers to expand to multiple locations with confidence and offer conveniences and personalized services to customers.

Multi Payment

GLIDE POS process credit cards securely and comply with payment card industry (PCI) security standards. GLIDE POS allows you to accept multi-payment such as cash, credit card or voucher and you have the flexibility to perform voids, returns and exchange.

Inventory Management

GLIDEPOS Improves customer service by allowing you to view inventory in real time across different channels. You can perform stock take, stock transfer, manual stock adjustments and place replenishment orders and receive goods from suppliers.


GLIDE POS helps you manage your store with confidence while gaining greater control over daily operations. GLIDE POS robust authorization and security put you in complete control of what employees can view and perform. Grant access on a person to person basis to fit job requirements and schedule employees according to in store needs and set up and manage sales commissions.

Loyalty Management

With Glide POS you gain a 360 degree view of your customers’ loyalty card-related activities in real time, and automate the allotment of loyalty points based on what a customer purchases or spends. You can create and automate membership programs (silver, gold, platinum) and enable your customers to utilize loyalty cards across multiple channels.

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