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Stay competitive and drive growth with GLIDE ERP

GLIDE ERP is an integrated ERP solution designed specifically to simplify the way you run your business. From general ledger and banking activities to purchase, sales, and inventory operations, GLIDE ERP provides all of the functions needed to gain greater control over your company and succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

GLIDE ERP software is a proven, trusted solution to support every critical business function in different industries. GLIDE ERP streamlines your business processes across procurement, sales, finance, inventory and retail operations. GLIDE ERP is more than business software; it is the key to turn your ideas into successful businesses. GLIDE ERP provides a single point of accountability to drive your business, whether you’re operating locally, regionally, or globally.

All in one easy to use, customizable, and scalable solution.

Proven and Comprehensive Benefits by Streamlining Operations

A Comprehensive Business Management Solution

GLIDE ERP is an affordable, integrated business management solution that does what you need it to do. It automate processes and deliver reliable pictures of operations based on up-to-the-minute data and gives you more control of where your business is headed. Glide ERP can be adjusted as your business processes evolve over time, and you can add new functionalities as your requirements change.

Access to Precise, Up-to-the-Minute Information

Quickly access accurate, relevant, and complete business information from your desk with:
An easy-to-use user interface that allows you to get answers fast and work more efficiently and proactively
Unique features that instantly places information and transactions in understandable formats and lets you drill down into the information to answer questions and perform analyses

Decision Makers Are Instantly Notified

GLIDE ERP keeps you on top of your business that require decisive action, allowing you gain greater control and achieve increased profitability:
Delivers quick access to highly accurate, business-critical information to stay on top of your business
Provides a true and unified picture of the business through a single, integrated business management solution

An Affordable, Easy-to-Implement Solution

Accelerated implementation time to ensure that you quickly realize the full benefits of GLIDE through such features as:
An intuitive user interface and a Micro- soft Windows environment to significantly reduce the learning curve.
A simple, single-server architecture that runs the entire GLIDE applications
Simplified administration capabilities that streamline operation and maintenance and significantly lower ongoing costs

An Integrated ERP Solution for Today’s Business Challenges

GLIDE ERP is a fully integrated application with a single, intuitive look and feel across all functions. GLIDE ERP resides on a single server and leverages your existing network for maximum efficiency. It includes database, security and back up. The solution provides all of the administrative functions you need to configure, back up and access information. With GLIDE ERP, you can achieve new levels of control while you work to attain your business goals.

Financial Management

Robust financial management that includes general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed asset, multi-currency, budget, cash flow management, financial reporting, banking and P&L analysis to streamline critical business processes.

Supply Chain

Manage and monitor every aspect of warehousing and distribution, including picking, packing, shipping, receiving and put away, as well as more strategic functions such as order processing, stock transfer and demand planning.


Create powerful reports for every aspect of your business functions. The reports include data about customer and supplier debt, sales, cash flow, customer-contact summaries, bookkeeping, warehouse stock, financial statements.

E-Commerce Integration

Seamlessly integrated with GLIDE ERP to manage all aspects of the order lifecycle and monitor sales, inventory, customer support and order management quickly to serve your customers better.

Mobile Apps

Run your business from anywhere with secure mobile access to your back-office information and processes using GLIDE SOLUTIONS mobile apps to ensures that you can get the job done when and where you need it.

Customer Loyalty

Gain a 360-degree view of customer behavior and streamline your sales processes, with complete customer management, sales forecasting, commission management, upsell management and more.

Be the leader in your field with GLIDE SOLUTIONS industry specific features

Stay competitive and drive growth with GLIDE ERP from GLIDE SOLUTIONS Take advantage of the extensive industry functionalities, best practices, and processes built into GLIDE. Choose from GLIDE industry-specific solutions and get ready to your core operations, seize new opportunities, and sharpen your competitive edge.

Gain real-time visibility into your operations, automate supply chain management processes, better manage business partners with Glide Solutions for Healthcare.

Strengthen customer relationships and loyalty with faster response times
Increase margins by monitoring KPIs and automating processes
Improve financial management and cash flow with faster, more accurate billing
Recruit and train the right talent to meet your business requirements

Better predict and adapt to changing customer behavior, strengthen loyalty, optimize inventory, and drive sales with Glide Solutions for Retailers.

Boost sales by reducing stock-outs and ensuring the right products are on the shelves at the right time
Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with faster response times
Reduce inventory costs with streamlined inventory and distribution processes
Plan promotions by better anticipating customer demand

Cut operating costs, boost revenue, and accelerate order-to-cash with clear visibility into inventory, order status, supplier schedules, and customer demands with Glide Solutions for Distributors.

Streamline order-to-cash with automated supply chain management
Improve profit margins with efficient billing process
Boost customer satisfaction with faster and more accurate order processing

Streamline operations, strengthen customer relationships, and manage project and resources with Glide Solutions for Professional Services.

Strengthen client relationships and loyalty by responding to their needs faster
Increase margins by focusing on your most profitable clients
Improve financial management and cash flow with faster, more accurate billing
Monitor phase and milestones and manage resources, time, staff and material

Speed up time to market, and get the visibility you need to better control your operations with Glide Solutions for consumer products companies.

Reduce costs and increase the scale of your manufacturing operations
Better anticipate customer needs with real-time insights
Optimize inventory with smarter resource planning and management
Ensure compliance with industry, quality, and regulatory standards


Glide ERP Features

Financial Management

Accelerate and automate your accounting and financial processes, improve margins, and make more profitable decisions with GLIDE comprehensive financial management tools. 
Avoid duplicate entries and errors with automated, integrated financial processes
Close your books quickly and accurately with accelerated processes and trusted data
Improve decision making with integrated accounting, sales, and purchasing data

Inventory Management

Track and record stock movements, optimize inventory levels, improve on-time delivery with powerful inventory functionalities.
Maximize efficiency with automated and integrated processes
Improve customer service with fewer shortages and stock-outs
Reduce inventory costs with better inventory control and materials planning
Increase business insight with real-time warehouse and inventory-reporting


Increase business profitability and customer satisfaction with tools to manage the entire sales process from tracking leads to managing sales orders.
Simplify sales order entry by providing full view of your customers and product’s stock
Turn more prospects into customers with effective sales and opportunity management
Boost customer satisfaction with faster response times and efficient delivery of product
Make faster, more informed sales decisions with access to real-time, accurate data


Optimize and streamline your entire purchasing process with integration across business functions and access to centralized, real-time data.
Automate activities from purchase order creation to vendor invoice payment
Make better decisions with full visibility into purchasing and supplier performance
Cut costs with automation, smarter decisions, and improved purchasing planning

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