iVend Retail-Whitepapers

iVend Retail-Whitepapers

When digital customers hold the reins, how do retailers make the most of it? In iVend Retail’s whitepaper on mobility and retail, you will learn about how mobility is putting store experiences on the front foot, and how mobile POS is transforming the retail landscape.

The users at the Head Office get a real-time view into the store operations. Retailers only have to deploy Mobile POS and/or terminal POS at their stores, with all back-office business processes getting executed from the Cloud.



iVend Retail Features

Omnichannel Retailing

iVend Retail redefines POS as the new Point of Service for the retail store of today. Integrating fluidly within itself applications like Loyalty, Passes, Analytics and more, the new-age iVend POS redefines omnichannel retailing.

Hybrid Agility

GLIDE POS process credit cards securely and comply with payment card industry (PCI) security standards. GLIDE POS allows you to accept multi-payment such as cash, credit card or voucher and you have the flexibility to perform voids, returns and exchange.

Scaling up on Demand

GLIDEPOS Improves customer service by allowing you to view inventory in real time across different channels. You can perform stock take, stock transfer, manual stock adjustments and place replenishment orders and receive goods from suppliers.

Multifunction Point of Sale

With Glide POS you gain a 360 degree view of your customers’ loyalty card-related activities in real time, and automate the allotment of loyalty points based on what a customer purchases or spends. You can create and automate membership programs (silver, gold, platinum) and enable your customers to utilize loyalty cards across multiple channels.

Deployment Options
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iVend Knowledge on Demand

Download iVend Retail whitepapers on current shifts in Loyalty trends and mobility in retail industry.

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